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About Eurasian ALS

 | Post date: 2018/08/4 | 

Founded in 2018, the Eurasian Applied Linguistics  Society (EALS) is a professional society of researchers, practitioners, and scholars around the world who are interested in professional affairs in all fields of the multi-disciplinary field of applied linguistics. EALS members share their experiences in the field to specify major problems and issues in applied linguistics and strive to find academic solutions to the problems. All issues related to language and will be of concern to EALS members: language acquisition and learning, language assessment and evaluation, pragmatics and discourse analysis, bilingualism, computer-assisted language learning, literacy, rhetoric and stylistics, ESP and EAP, psycholinguistics, curriculum development, language policy and planning, sociolinguistics, research methodology, issues in linguistics, teacher education, and so forth.

Organizationally, EALS is the affiliate of the ISCDBU (International Society of Communication and Development between Universities).


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