Eurasian Applied Linguistics Society- Our Mission
Our Mission

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Our Mission
1. Promoting scientific and cultural researches internationally in Applied Linguistics.
2.Collaborating with scientific, educational and research institutions; and the executive branch for accreditation of Linguistics, programs and related research and education affairs in the scientific fields.
3. Persuading and motivating research and also awarding research collaborators and scholars in the field of Applied Linguistics education.
4. Providing educational, research and technical services to the Applied Linguistics.
5. Holding scientific conferences in national, regional and international levels.
6. Publishing scientific journals, reports, and books.
   • Promotes qualitative and quantitative research
   • Organizes  scholarly conferences and seminars
   • Organizes scholarly workshops
   • Publishes scholarly books
   • Publishes the Applied Linguistics Research Journal (ISSN....)
   • Distributes to members the Applied Linguistics Research Journal
   • Publishes the MJLTM (ISSN....)
   • Distributes to members the MJLTM
   • Facilitates distribution and exchange of information
   • Organizes interactions between societies and associations
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