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  • Chief Executive: Prof. Hassan Soleimani
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Levels, Terms and Conditions of Membership

Member (Full):
Founders of the Society and all holders of Master degree in different Applied Linguistics fields such as ... and other related fields are allowed to apply and join as an full member.

Affiliated membership:
All holders of Bachelor degree who have been working in one of the above Linguistics fields for at least 5 years.

Student membership:
All students of Linguistics majors  and other related fields are allowed to join as student member.

Honorary membership:
International outstanding academics who closely cooperate with pursuing the goals of the society can be nominated to join as an honorary member

Organizational members:
Organizations with related scientific or research field of activity are allowed to join as Organizational members.

General membership clauses:
   • Holders  of Bachelor degree in one of the above mentions fields are allowed to join as an associate member after being accepted by the board of directors.
   • Legal entity members are considered as affiliated members.
   • All members are subject to pay membership fee determined by the annual general assembly.
   • Paying membership fee provides no rights for regarding the society's properties.
   • Honorary members are exempted from paying membership fee.

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