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Nonparametric Statistics for Applied Linguistics Research
The present volume, Nonparametric Statistics for Applied Linguistics Research, presents the author's effort to introduce and explain the most commonly used types of nonparametric tests of association and difference in second language acquisition research (SLAR). The amount of material presented in the book is appropriate to accomplish a typical research course in an advanced level for graduate or postgraduate students in applied linguistics and linguistics.
To show the significance of nonparametric statistics in applied linguistics research and its widespread application, wherever feasible I have introduced real data extracted from real research literature published in different journals. In addition, some examples are contrived to both create as much interest in the subject matter as possible and make the subject matter concrete to the audience.
Probably, a point of vantage in the book would be the use of computer programs for statistical computations, SPSS in particular. Wherever possible, an effort was made to facilitate the work by the users of nonparametric statistical techniques with the usual advantages of speed, accuracy, and convenience of the computer to perform the required computations. To this end, after introducing a nonparametric test, a section is designed to teach how SPSS could be used to perform the computations.


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